About Mahabubnagar

Encompassing a vast expanse of 18,432 square kilometers, Mahabubnagar stands as the district with the largest geographical footprint in the state of Telangana. This region is also fondly referred to as Palamoor. The district’s headquarters town derives its name from Mir Mahabub Ali Khan, the esteemed Nizam of Hyderabad. Situated between the latitudinal coordinates of 16° and 17° N, and the longitudinal bounds of 77° and 79° E, Mahabubnagar is a territory defined by its strategic location.

To the north, it borders the Telangana districts of Ranga Reddy and Nalgonda, while its eastern frontier aligns with Nalgonda district within Telangana and the Guntur district of the neighboring Andhra Pradesh state. Southward, the district’s boundary traces the course of the mighty Krishna and Tungabhadra rivers, and to the west, it shares borders with the Karnataka districts of Raichur and Gulbarga.

This expansive region, spanning an area of 18,432 square kilometers, stands as a testament to the diversity and grandeur of the Telangana landscape.


Telangana forms the core of the Satavahana Dynasty (221BC-218 AD), Part of Chalukyan Dynasty in South India.

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