Basic Information of Municipality

Municipal Information

Sl.No.Item Name Information
I.Municipal Profile
1Year of establishment1952
2Extent (in sq. kms.)98.64
3Population as per 2011 census217942
4 Male population As per 2011 census110955
5Female As per 2011106987
II.Public services/amenities
Property Tax
1No of Assessments26512
2Demand as on 15-01-2015706.14 (
3Collection381.35 (
4Total Quantity of drinking water supplied (MLD)14
5Per capita water supply per day (LPCD)60
6No. of House Service Connections16300
7No. of public taps460
8No. of public bore-wells411
9No. of sewer connections
10Length of roads (in Kms)
(CC + BT+WBM (Metal)
11Length of drains (in Kms.)
(Pucca +Kutcha)
12Length of Storm water Drains (in Kms) (Pucca +Kutcha)
13No. of street lights (Highmast  Poles + High Poles + Central Lighting Poles+ Street Lights +Tube Lights=Total)7853
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